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We accept cash or check and debit/credit cards (cards have a 4% processing fee). On an overnight or out-of-state move,  a 60% deposit must be collected upfront and the other 40% is collected after the unloading.

All loose items must be boxed. We will pad and wrap all furniture items. We can disassemble any furniture places and will reassemble at the new location.

*We do not disconnect cables/electronic devices or appliances.*

*Front Load Washers requires locking bolts before moving.*

Packing Services (packing boxes):

$140.00 an hour with 2 packers and all materials included, except TV Boxes. 2 hours minimum.

*Sold separately if not using packing services* Small Book Carton $2.27 ea., Medium Boxes $4.43 ea., Large Boxes $6.45 ea., Wardrobe Boxes $15 each. Tv Box not included in packing services, $40 Each. Oversized TVs $65.00 each.

Unpacking services:

$100.00 an hour with 2 movers.

*TV’s over 40” require TV Box with foam inserts, for our insurance to cover any damages. If the original box is available, we can use it. If not available, we have TV boxes for Sale at $40 Each, not included with packing services. Wardrobe Boxes are $15.00 Each (included with packing services).

*Overnight Storage: $150 per night/per truck. Up to 3 nights. 4+ Nights, items must be placed in storage. Storage has separate prices based on size.

Clothes can stay in dressers-  we ask that you remove anything breakable or heavy. Dressers and nightstands may be placed upside down or sideways.

*Any picture/paintings without a glass front must have a box. Canvas and painting without glass front cannot be wrapped because they will adhere to the pads and wrapping plastic.


Insurance Coverage: We do not insure/replace anything with particle board furniture. Please let us know if you have any questions about our insurance. Deductible: $500, if an insurance claim is filed.


We look forward to assisting with your upcoming move!

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